So yeah, its definitely been a while. Been focusing on selling pizza prints, keeping myself sane and visiting Seattle (BOLT BUS! DO IT) BUT! A while back I got asked by the Erotic Magazine BEAUTY TODAY! To submit to their next issue. They said I could make whatever I wanted, but… I didn’t really have any idea where to start. After feeling defeated and bored by clicking endlessly through internet porn I found some erotic artwork by Japanese artist Namio Harukawa. His work focuses on Big Beautiful Women dominating small submissive Japanese men by smothering them with their enormous and beautiful asses. I WAS SO INSPIRED! I felt revived by seeing some curvy ladies in a position of sexual power.  What I found the most interesting about them is how disinterested the women are in their acts of domination; as if what they are doing is no big deal at all, like its just a part of a daily routine.  His work was really the first erotic art that I really found interesting so please check him out and lemme know what you think.

i wanted to pay a little homage and came up with this gem! I feel pretty smitten about it, and think there is a good possibility that I will make more erotic art that focuses on confident BBWs. The next issue of Beauty Today is called Second Base (subsequently its their second issue), and will be available in September 2012.


I finally got around to making prints! $40 a pop for 18×24 inch matte prints with 1 1/2 inch bleed. They look so good. You can buy them now through Etsy HERE. I’m so stoked that this could finally happen! Hope you guys consider supporting an artist and buying one!



Joe DiGuiseppe sent me a text saying there is a picture of me with a big shit eating grin on my face in the new publication of TASK by Oliver Herring, (yes, and i saw a camera phone pic and I look ridiculous) The book is published by Illinois State University.  If you are asking, WTF is TASK, the university website has this synopsis.

“TASK documents a burgeoning phenomenon begun in 2002 by artist Oliver Herring, who developed TASK as a self-generating, improvisational gathering in which a community engages in a collaborative art-making event. Using cardboard, tape, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, markers and other materials, participants follow a simple set of rules: write a task for someone to perform, then randomly select a task to perform yourself (e.g. “Use cardboard mailing tubes to make a symphony;” “Form a conga line;” “Create a crime scene”). The cycle continues, task building upon task, as people share new ways to develop ideas and solve problems.”

For those of you who are still like WTF. Oliver has a wordpress site dedicated to providing information and here are a couple snapshots that might enlighten you from the FLUXTASKS that happened at fluxSPACE in Philadelphia.




Apr 112012

Alex Klaes, of Straight Teeth Zine approached me a while back asking if he could put some of my portraits in his newest issue, I said go for it. You’ve seen them all before, but feel free to check them out again along with work from other artists and writers in the 5th issue of STZ.

Hamburger Tee’s IRL

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Apr 102012

I love seeing this picture of Nike Desis wearing one of my shirts. She made this rad coloring book that maybe you should consider buying called Color Me Fierce! If you have a picture of you wearing one of my shirts, send me an email! I’ll happily post it up.

Sleepless at Booty Hall

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Apr 102012

I just needed to make something that was no big deal and for whatever reason felt like the mailbox needed repainting. So A herald for Booty Hall was created. Now I’m just wondering what the mailman thinks of a Butt with a Crown.

Apr 032012

I loved it when Chris and I were talking a couple days ago and he asked me to draw his portrait. Definitely got to slow down a little and take a little more time to focus now that the book is finished. I really really do love making these. And this guy is one of the best.

Mar 302012

Made these in December, but now looks like there is a good probability that they are getting turned into tshirt graphics. 1st is Napoleon Bonaparte as a Short Haired Brussels Griffon & 2nd is The Duke of Wellington as a Japanese Chin

Mar 302012

Thanks Mike Boyd Williams & Mike Biery for commissioning me to make this ridiculous drawing of them.

Pizza Show

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Mar 202012

Pizza Show is still up at Pony Club until the end of the month, so you still have some time to go check it out! (625 NW Everett Street Portland, OR) I painted this sign for the opening.

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